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Scientists plan to build plants on the moon

Director Geochemistry (. Institute of Geochemistry and Analytical Chemistry, Vernadsky) Academician Erik Galimov considers it necessary to develop and organize the moon manned missions to Mars "Today the Moon -. It is actually another unknown continent of the Earth. And get to it more easily than at the time it was Columbus to America ", - said the scientist.

"We need the moon as a promising launch site. In terms of further exploration of space to run all of Earth is ridiculous, it is necessary to start from the moon: our beautiful nature issued outpost "- the words of Eric Galimov" Izvestia ".

However, for effective process is necessary to establish on Earth the satellite manufacturing heavy parts of missiles and fuel. "There's enough for this resource. Now we have learned to do everything automatically. We can be a self-starter without the participation of the people ", - continued Galimov. The land, in turn, must take the supply of which is not on the moon - particularly electronics.

Moon, becoming the outpost, will run the manned spacecraft to Mars. With the construction of a lunar base, according to the academician, do not pull, "This can be done today! This is not a dream, it's a real thing that you can do. " Moon, according to the scientist, will become a supplier of helium-3, but before that you need to master its use.

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