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The cost of a trip to Japan (YW)


In Japan, inexpensive


 The most avid travel would not have missed the chance to go to Japan for free. The ethical and political issues, this one, and get a chance to get where you want - more. Once given, must be taken.

  I do not think there is a real danger of radiation for travelers. On average, Japanese radioactivity lower than in Russia, tourists go for a short time, and do not necessarily put in a route north of the island of Honshu.

 Though of course, it is not necessary to lean on the power of the Fukushima regional products.

Honestly, I do not understand how travelers in blogs can dispel the fear of foreign tourists to the radiation. After all, it is colorless and odorless.


 I think many people are still interested in the material side of travel. After the ticket - it's not the most expensive in the country, and Japan - not a cheap country. However, if you know the place, it is quite possible to live, even comfortable, and inexpensive.


 Firstly, Japan - a country where almost never cheat tourists. Prices are fixed and the same for all.


 The most expensive in Japan - accommodation and travel, as well as the European food: bread and cheese.




  Hotels in a prominent place to the 3 star very clean, cost $ 100-120 per night. And the cost is the same that in the center of Tokyo, in front of the Imperial Palace, which near the airport outside the village Chiba.


  Who is not satisfied with such a price can be found in the Japanese style hotel - ryokan - a mattress on the tatami (ie, on the floor). There are such hotels in Tokyo 3000-5000 yen ($ 40-60), many cheap hotels in the area of Asakusa (Asakusa). By the way, this is a historic district strarye Tokyo - Edo with many temples. Besides, it is not far from the center.



 Also, a lot of hostels in Tokyo, it is possible to live in a dormitory or a private room from $ 35, for long stays give a discount. Hostels are easy to find in Google.

In the mountains and villages of the hotel and cost $ 40.

If someone, and $ 40 seems a little expensive, because you want to live in Japan, longer, the capsule hotels are 2,000 yen ($ 25). Capsule hotel is in the district of Asakusa and Akihabara.

Cheaper than that, I do not know anything.





  Getting around the Japan road. The price of bus tickets vary, depending on the distance. The cheapest ticket for one stop costs 200 yen ($ 2.50) per 10 stops will have to pay about $ 10.

Trains and subways bit cheaper, is the best option ..

Move on trains over long distances is also expensive, so it is better to buy a ticket on the shinkansen or express and not to suffer. The ticket for the train from the airport to central Tokyo costs about $ 20, if you do not express.

From Tokyo to Osaka (Kyoto) - $ 100, as well as on an airplane.



  Food in Japan cheap. For budget puteshetvennikov fit supermarkets (hotels usually have an electric kettle), 100 stores `yen`. Prices in supermarkets is not much different from the Russian.

  Cheap Dinner in Japan: Sukiya, Yoshinoya, Jonathan`s, Denny`s.. You can eat there for $ 5-10, unlimited drinks for $ 2.


Here the full review.

  Seafood in Japan is cheaper than bread from a bakery. In general, seafood is not expensive, but I would not advise.


Inexpensive shopping: 100 yen shop


  About us 100 yen should be discussed separately. This is a very convenient network nedorogix stores that are all over Japan. For 100 yen ($ 1) where you can buy all the necessary tourist: hygiene items, food, drinks, souvenirs, clothing (socks, underwear, t-shirt, raincoat, scarf, etc.), tools and stationery.


  Medical care in Japan is expensive and of poor quality. But the country is very safe, and it is difficult to catch anything serious.