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Unconventional animal sex


  All wild fantasies come to mind the director and screenwriter of films for adults, do not go to any comparison with sexual perversions, which can be found in the animal world. Danish artist Humon illustrated most bizarre sexual relations among representatives of fauna.


1. Spotted lizard


 We spotted lizards, too, there are three types of males, each with its own tactics and behavior of external differences: males with orange, blue or yellow throat.

Males with orange throats are full of testosterone, and their main goal - to occupy a huge territory and collect yourself as much as possible the harem. Although this protects its male females it with any one of them does not form a strong and long links. Often, males with an orange throat clashed with males with a blue throat.

Males with blue throat are smaller, they lower the level of testosterone, and their area is only enough for one female, with which it forms a pair constant. As a male with an orange throat, he protects his female from other males.

  Finally, there is a yellow-throated males, color similar to the color that females who do not have their territory. They live on the outskirts of the territory protected by the males with an orange throat, and secretly mated with local females. This is possible because the orange-throated males are not able to keep track of all their females. It is noteworthy that the female, which is formed with a pair of a male with a blue throat, reject male courtship with a yellow throat.

So it turns out "rock-paper-scissors" - "orange" hit "blue", "blue" - "yellow", "yellow" - "orange".


Яркие примеры сексуальных извращений из мира животных


2. Spotted hyena - the triumph of feminism


  Many animals overturn our understanding of gender roles upside down, but the spotted hyenas are the most extreme case. Females are much larger and more aggressive than the males, and the hierarchy is such that the alpha male is only after omega-female. This hierarchy is so strong that even the adult males are afraid of puppies, females, and for every reason. Growing up, her daughter expressed their concern about fathers that apply to them only a little less harshly than other males. And this was not the ending. In female hyenas have a pseudo-penis, which are able to get up and is bigger and longer penis male. All this complicates the process of mating and rape becomes impossible. In addition, the penis in erection is seen as a sign of weakness, so that as a sign of humility, rather than expose her throat, males show an erection.


Яркие примеры сексуальных извращений из мира животных


3. Spider-knitter - the spider who loves bondage


 Spiders most species, males are at risk during the mating season, so it is not surprising that the male spider knitter does not even try to start pairing, previously thoroughly bound female. Male sneaks under the abdomen of the female, carefully and gently wraps her web, and only after that is paired with it. But he still tries to complete the process as quickly as possible, because that is actually the female voluntarily allows himself to relate, and if it wishes, it can easily be freed from the fetters, and the male is better at this time to be away.


Яркие примеры сексуальных извращений из мира животных


4. Ruff


  Ruff - a very unusual bird in many ways. This is one of the few species of birds where males show their superiority to each other, but not in females, thus establishing a hierarchy. It is noteworthy that there are three types Ruff males, which differ both in appearance and behavior.

  The most common type - territorial males are stronger and more aggressive than others. Territorial males are mainly engaged in fights with other males and a demonstration of their superiority.

Next come the subordinate males. They are about the same size as the territorial, but they have less muscle, they are more mobile and have lighter plumage. A slave does not have its male territory, he spends all the time in the territory of the territorial males sneak mating with local females. Territorial males turn a blind eye, because for some reason, the presence of subordinate males attract more females.

  Finally, there is a type of male who looks like a female. They are just as subordinate males do not have their territory and secretly mate with females, but also happy to allow other males to mate with them, taking in such cases, the female position. Initially it was thought that other males during mating with them mistaken them for the females, but further research has shown, males are well aware that the males in front of them. Strong territorial males let them into their territory, because a high percentage of homosexual activity attracts both males and females. Samkoobraznye males usually spend the summer with females and males with winter.

Females extremely slutty and ready to pair with any available male.

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5. Tamarin


  Monkeys tamarins-known fact that in their society there are all the possible types of families, from a pair of female and male to male and two females, but for most species of tamarins most common type of family is a female and two males.

  This is logical, as the tamarins females usually give birth dvoyanyashek. Everywhere carry a baby - hard work and basically take care of the offspring, males, mother passing children only for breastfeeding. Every dad takes care of one cub, fulfilling part of the family problem. The male with two females in danger of being in a situation where he will have to carry the four cubs.

Яркие примеры сексуальных извращений из мира животных


6. Fish discus


  As females, like males of species discus fish, it takes good care of their offspring. It's hard to find a more caring parents. Male and female together in a monogamous couple, the female lays eggs. Then the female guards the eggs, and the male protects the female with eggs. When the time comes, parents help the offspring out of the eggs, gently nadkusyvaya shell of each of them. Then, both parents feed the offspring special dairy liquid, which highlights their skin under the influence of hormones.

Яркие примеры сексуальных извращений из мира животных


7. Dwarf chimpanzee bonobo


  Chimpanzee bonobos and chimpanzees are the closest relatives of humans. They are a lot like us and each other, but there are some differences. At the head of a chimpanzee group is strong male - the alpha male, while in the pack bonobo leading roles belong to females who use sex to manipulate males. Generally, in the pack bonobos all is an occasion for sex, especially different tensions. For example, if two want to mate with a male and a female of the same, instead of fighting, they can mate with each other, thus partially removing tension. If the male is too aggressive, female calms him engaged in sex with him. Sex can be used for reconciliation and maintaining friendship between any members of the pack. For example, conflicts between females often ends in that they make up, potershis clitoris. , Then they are not bonobo chimpanzees If there are any restrictions on sex. Sexual activity among bonobos ubiquitous, so bonobo community is one of the most peaceful. They literally live the motto "Make love, not war."


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8. Cuttlefish


  During the breeding season the biggest and strongest male cuttlefish are the best damask for egg laying. Females are much smaller than males, male and evaluate his stones. If the female chooses a male, he guards it and not let other males. But actually prefer both large and small but clever males. Females are in a sense using large males to make a small test males. And what do the small male? Of course, it is disguised as a female, and quietly floats just under the large males, acting as an interested female, little caresses it. Then it shows the female that he is actually a male, and she mates with him. Thus, the female received both strong and clever children.

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9. Grouse


  During the mating season of black grouse males found a kind of demonstration arenas to boast plumage and singing as well as dancing to perform marriage for females. Sometimes they arrange fights, but these fights are generally no more than a competition between the two models on the catwalk - all just in order to show off for the females.


Яркие примеры сексуальных извращений из мира животных


10. Bird of Paradise


 In most species of birds, males are much more colorful and colorful than females. Birds of Paradise is the best example. In the forests where they live, few predators all year round full of food, because the male bird of paradise a little cares and troubles, have the opportunity to wear exciting, colorful plumage, arrange pompous marriage demonstration for females. The desire for marriage games in males is so strong that they can perform their dances, even when not near any one female. If, however, a number of the female appears, the male begins to dance, as they say, with all my heart. Female estimates as the exterior, and dance, and selects only the best, so with each generation males have become more beautiful and expressive dance. Young males sometimes learn to dance, watching adult males experienced. They can also take a short while for the male territory of practice.


Яркие примеры сексуальных извращений из мира животных


11. Social insects


  Social insects. Queen ants, bees, wasps and other social insects once mate with several males and permanently store their sperm inside her body. The Queen uses the sperm to produce soldiers and workers, all of whom - immature females. From unfertilized eggs produced by males. Thus, males do not have a father.


Яркие примеры сексуальных извращений из мира животных


12. Seahorses


 In females seahorses have an ovipositor, which plays the role of the penis. The female ovipositor into the male inserts his pocket and throws eggs to where they are fertilized by the male. After that, the male bears eggs in his pocket. Probably, such a division of responsibilities allows the female to save strength for the following masonry, while the male takes care of the offspring. When the offspring is born, the parents may mate again soon. Although seahorses are not paired for life, they are very loyal to each other in the mating season. Thus, when the male bears eggs, the female often visits him to support.


Яркие примеры сексуальных извращений из мира животных