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The girl that dumped 92 kgs


  29 August 2014 25-year-old Simone Anderson makeup artist from New Zealand, decided to change their way of life, when she learned that her weight reached 169 kilograms. October 29, she underwent sleeve gastrectomy (surgery to reduce the stomach), and less than a year, the strong woman managed to lose 92 kilos.


  At the end of 2015 Simon underwent plastic surgery, during which she removed the excess skin, unsightly sagging after such a diet. Girl is Instagram, where for 88 weeks documenting the incredible changes in their appearance.

  "I have completely changed the lifestyle, diet and activity. For 33 weeks have passed since the abdominoplasty, lifting the skin of the back and lift and breast augmentation - proudly says Simon. - Most of the saggy skin is also removed from the upper part of the thighs and the buttocks. "

After she published the news about the progress of its fight for a beautiful body, she has placed a lot of glamor selfie. They are charming blonde beauty shines, health and self-confidence.

  "The body of a person wonder's for sure, considering the place where it led me, a huge change, through which it has passed, and how it continues to change - all this shakes my imagination," - writes Simon in a comment to one of the posts with pictures, where it before and after transformation.

 She admits that doing the exercises is still difficult, despite the removal of excess skin, but it will continue to fulfill them, so that the body changed for the better in the future.

Since the beginning of his struggle with excess weight Simon scored more than 136 thousand subscribers in Instagram. She regularly shares inspirational quotes, exercise and healthy food photos.

  Only six days after the operation the girl got into the telecast FABLife, waged by the former supermodel Tyra Banks to demonstrate its prettier shape and share their impressions.

 She also spoke about the pressure that is experiencing because of the need to always look your best and appropriate to the public about the ideal appearance, because it works in the beauty industry.

 "I definitely felt the pressure, because to be in the field of beauty, 24 hours a day, seven days a week and watch the charming, slender models - is constantly thinking about it," - she explains.

  By excluding from the diet of refined foods and reducing portion for the year Anderson strongly lost weight, improving not only its appearance but also quality of life.

  She explained that she wanted to not only look, but also feel better. Little simple things, such as taking out the trash, for it was difficult because of the excess weight, so she set a goal to go on a healthy lifestyle.

  Nevertheless, Simon received not only positive reviews. Some users have stated that it is unlikely to shed all that weight because the first picture she did not have such a number of saggy skin. "Not that I'm embarrassed or ashamed of it, - she says. - But when I went in for sports, I had to wear compression pants under the sweatpants that all was in place and do not jump up and down. The skin rubbing, and under it began to ooze blood, I have inflamed stomach, it was incredibly uncomfortable. "

"The depth and extent of human hatred unthinkable. I would never have occurred to write something like that even his sworn enemy, - she says. - This is definitely a violation. I worked hard to achieve a goal, you can not go and take that away from me. "

  As soon as Simon reached your target weight, Dr. Remus Rapten from Arizona asked her to have surgery to remove excess skin.

  "No diet and exercise do not help get rid of the sagging skin," - he said before the operation.

  Simon Anderson spent on the operating table nine o'clock and she was happy that she will no longer have to push their creases in his pants.

  Although she was very sick and after surgery she was pathetic, she was very pleased with the results.

 "My body is so amazing, I'm the happiest in the world! - Said Simon after surgery. - I can not wait the summer ... I did recover fully and accurately put on a bikini. "