How much is the Geisha


 The fact that the geisha and prostitute - different professions, written for many. Geisha is not only impossible to buy for the night, but even just to see the geisha is not easy. How much will cost the same date with a geisha or apprentice geisha - maiko? how to behave at the reception that you can do and that is categorically forbidden, how to prepare for the visit of a Geisha.


  Light dinner for an hour in the company of the San maiko (geisha uchenitsa) will cost: 600 $ (50,000 yen) per person. 850 $ (70,000 yen) for a group of 3 people do. The two-hour dinner with a maiko, as well as singing and dancing, and traditional game on syamisene will cost more expensive: 1,500 $ (120,000 yen) per person. 1,850 $ (150,000 yen) for a group of 4 people do. Tips from 3000,5000,10 000 yen (40,60,120 $) given after dinner. The manager will learn how to do this and give you a special envelope. Giving money openly considered bad manners and insulting to the geisha. It was about maiko - apprentice geisha. A dinner with a geisha will cost from $ 2000-5000.

Dinner will be about the:

Requirements for the visitors of a Geisha:

  Pants, long sleeved shirt, preferably a jacket and tie, socks, shoes adequate. Women are not allowed to come in a short skirt, as have to sit on the floor.

Please do not touch the hair and wigs maiko. Hairstyle is placed once a week and should not be spoiled.

You can take pictures, but it is strictly forbidden to upload photos of maiko on the Internet for public review.

Prohibited the physical contact of any kind with a geisha.

  In the evening, the lights on the streets of Japan traditional red lanterns. In fact, the red lanterns in Japan represent not quite what everyone used to think. These lights attract travelers to bars. All the streets of the ancient city of Kyoto are decorated in such a light. Among the many restaurants there are others where you can enjoy dinner with a lovely geisha.

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