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Meet: Katrina Jade


  Katrina Jade erotic actress was born in California, October 31, 1991. This spectacular brunette for 23 years before his movie career, she loved to act as a fetish model, which helped her feel on the set without a hint of shyness.

  Plus her racket and irrepressible sense of adventure on his ass provided endless support her in her endeavors. Popularity Katrina to come very quickly, and hundreds of thousands of fans with great pleasure that followed the fate of the brunette. It is worth noting that she herself is very active on the bo all told. Outside Jade has always attracted attention, even before her career in adult video. However, her huge natural breasts paved her fastest way up the career ladder, and besides she could always boast of a slim figure.


 Also, it greatly contributed to the image of stervochki her tattoo that she has all over her body - a small pattern under the left eye, spider about right, the drawings on the left hand on his right wrist, and the inscription just above Bekin zone and about the priests. Actually its appearance and helped ancestral roots - she Hawaiian, Italian and Mexican origin. This cocktail and made it extremely attractive.

  In his spare time, Kathryn Jade loves to have fun on the full program. She loves to burn day and night clubs, where drinks are actively with girlfriends and friends. His promiscuity it with ease translates into a social network, where active chats with their fans, and sends to a general overview of many of their intimate photos.

 To her body has always been a damn sexy and attractive, she regularly visits the beaches, where not only swims, but most of all tans, including in the nude, what attracts a lot of curious eyes of both men and women, but it is such a turn just like.