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Spectacular grandmother


 Someone may say that women over the years, becoming more beautiful and juicy, like a good wine. This is true, you just look at these luxury of the fairer sex over 50.

Yazemeenah Rossi (US)


 American fashion model with French roots. His fashion career in the world of Yasmina started to build after 40 — all youth she devoted to children. Now Rossi 60 years, and it bypasses the most popular and well-known younger models.



Carmen Dell'Orefice (USA)

  His career as a fashion model was the beginning of the age at the Second World War, at 15 years old, just thiniking about this date. It is not surprising that the Carmen entered in the Guinness Book of Records as the podium model with the longest career. In this year Carmen will be 85 years.


Ornella Muti (Italy)

  Hard to believe that one of the brightest stars of Italian cinema has turned in '61. Thus Ornella still in good shape. Once beauty and talent Ornella Muti has conquered Italy, now at her feet the whole world. Ornella still remains one of the most beautiful women in the world; actress, without Ornella the film would be boring and not interesting. And for that her loved all over the world .


Ellen Hector (USA)

 63-year-old American retired Ellen Hector become a true fitness star Internet. And she started all that in 2009 a woman has decided to radically change their lives and become train other women. Now a grandmother of four grandchildren, has a network of budget fitness clubs a company for the production of fresh juices, a huge army of followers in social networks and of course gorgeous shape for his age.


Rita Rusic (Croatia)

  Rita Italian actress, film producer and model. She was born January 28, 1960 in Croatia. To make a career in the Italian show business. Now Rita - a successful producer. Twice married, she gave birth to a son and a daughter. He prefers burdensome relationship with the younger guys. Imagine Rita 56 years old.